39 Tremendously Useful and Creative ChatGPT Prompts (From SEO Copywriting to Project Management and CV Analysis)

Writing good ChatGPT Prompts is essential to maximize your ChatGPT experience. Prompts are a direct link between you and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) machinery behind Open AI’s miracle of a chatbot.

Prompts serve as guiding questions or statements to prompt the AI to generate human-like responses. You can have a conversation with the ChatGPT AI just as you would with a human, gaining answers to various questions. You can also use these ChatGPT Prompts as Microsoft Bing ChatGPT Prompts. We did some research and found leaked images of the new Microsoft Bing ChatGPT Integration. Check it out!

Ask it questions, ask it for feedback, ask it for ideas – its potential is truly limitless. While here, don’t miss out and forget to check out these 36 awesome ChatGPT Tools and Browser Extensions!

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How do ChatGPT Prompts Work?

ChatGPT Prompts work by prompting the AI with a question or statement. The AI will then respond with a relevant answer, based on its training. The model can also be fine-tuned with Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF), allowing the AI to continuously improve its responses by learning from its interactions with humans. Essentially – it learns from your interactions with it. Pretty wild, ei?

You can ask ChatGPT AI about any topic, from the latest news to hobbies, due to its vast training in internet data. With the ability to continue previous conversations, ChatGPT Prompts offer a rich and creative outlet for writers, researchers, and anyone who loves to chat.

ChatGPT Prompts are transforming the way we interact with AI. With the ability to have conversations, access information, and even explore AI boundaries.

In the next few thousand of words, we compiled a list of the most awesome and useful professional ChatGPT Prompts and Prompt Templates.

SEO and Copywriting ChatGPT Prompts

SEO and Copywriting are critical components of a successful online presence, and ChatGPT Prompts can play a key role in both. From researching the most effective keywords to generating high-quality content, ChatGPT is equipped to help you optimize your website for search engines and engage with your audience.

ChatGPT Prompts for SEO are specifically designed to assist with keyword research. By providing targeted questions, the language model can generate lists of related terms and phrases, helping you identify the most relevant keywords for your content.

This is particularly useful for website owners and SEO gurus looking to improve their website’s ranking in search engine results.

Copywriting Templates created by ChatGPT Prompts, on the other hand, are a useful tool for creating compelling, original content that resonates with your target audience. Blog posts, product descriptions, or social media updates – ChatGPT does it all, helping you craft engaging, high-quality text with minimal effort.

In both cases, ChatGPT Prompts leverage the vast amounts of data and language patterns it has been trained on, offering insights and suggestions that would be difficult to uncover through manual research and writing.

Here are just some examples of the SEO prompts used to create the article structure/outline. Try inputting this SEO Prompt into your ChatGPT dashboard. Sit back, and be amazed.

  • “Provide 10 keywords to cover…”
  • “Brainstorm 10 catchy article titles using the keywords”
  • “Revise to include the keywords exactly”
  • “Create headings for a 1000-word article using the keywords within each heading”
  • “Write a 100-word punchy article intro…”
  • “Create a table of contents for the above”

Here are the results of this ChatGPT SEO Prompt:

Provide 10 keywords to cover:

chatgpt prompts for seo keywords

Brainstorm 10 catchy article titles using the keywords:

chatgpt brainstorming article titles using keywords

Revise to include the keywords exactly:

chatgpt learning from its revised chatgpt prompts and adapting

Create headings for a 1000-word article using the keywords within each heading:

chatgpt prompts for seo headings for a 1000-word article

Write a 100-word punchy article intro:

chatgpt prompts creating a 100-word article intro

Create a table of contents for the above:

chatgpt prompt creating a table of contents

ChatGPT Prompts for SEO Powerful Keyword Research

Try this ChatGPT Prompt for some thorough keyword research. As a result, you will get a list of categories, and keywords and it will all nicely fit into a table.

“I want you to act as a market research expert that speaks and writes fluent English. Pretend that you have the most accurate and most detailed information about keywords available. Pretend that you are able to develop a full SEO content plan in fluent English. I will give you the target keyword “KEYWORD HERE“.

From this keyword create a markdown table with a keyword list for an SEO content strategy plan on the topic “KEYWORD HERE”.

Cluster the keywords according to the top 10 super categories and name the super category in the first column called keyword cluster. Add another column with 7 subcategories for each keyword cluster or specific long-tail keywords for each of the clusters.

List in another column the human searcher intent for the keyword. Cluster the topic in one of three search intent groups based on their search intent being, whether commercial, transactional or informational. Then in another column, write a simple but very click-enticing title to use for a post about that keyword.

Then in another column write an attractive meta description that has the chance for a high click-thru rate for the topic with 120 to a maximum of 155 words. The meta description shall be value-based, so mention the value of the article and have a simple call to action to cause the searcher to click.

Do NOT under any circumstance use too generic keywords like introduction' or conclusion’ or tl:dr. Focus on the most specific keywords only.

Do not use single quotes, double quotes or any other enclosing characters in any of the columns you fill in. Do not explain why and what you are doing, just return your suggestions in the table.

The markdown table shall be in English language and have the following columns: keyword cluster, keyword, search intent, title, and meta description.

Here is the keyword to start again: “KEYWORD HERE

This was the result of this SEO ChatGPT Prompt:

detailed keyword research by chatgpt prompts
A part of the table with the results of the ChatGPT SEO Keyword research prompt

9 ChatGPT Prompts for Project Managers

Ask ChatGPT to kickstart project 1-pagers

ChatGPT Project Manager for Facebook Prompt:Act like you’re a product manager for Facebook. Write a project 1-pager for introducing Stories into Instagram.

Project Manager for Facebook ChatGPT Prompt Result:

  • Project Name: Introducing Stories to Instagram
  • Objective: To improve user engagement and increase time spent on the app by introducing a Stories feature on Instagram.
  • Background: Instagram currently lacks a feature that allows users to share their daily moments and activities in a way that is temporary and easily accessible. Stories on other social media platforms have been highly successful in increasing user engagement and time spent on the app.
  • Proposed Solution: Introduce a Stories feature on Instagram

Prompt ChatGPT to come up with Quality Assurance Testing Scenarios

ChatGPT Software Quality Assurance Prompt: “I want you to act as a software quality assurance tester for a software application.
Your first task is to test the login functionality of the software. What are the different scenarios you’d test out?

Quality Assurance ChatGPT Prompt Result:

As a software quality assurance tester, I would test the login functionality of the software by performing the following scenarios:

  1. Positive test cases: Test the successful login scenario by providing
    valid credentials (username and password). 2. Negative test cases: Test the unsuccessful login scenario by
    providing invalid credentials (wrong username and password).
  2. Boundary test cases: Test the login functionality with the minimum and maximum input values for username and password fields.
  3. Error handling test cases: Test the login functionality for various error messages such as “invalid username” or “password required” when the user leaves the fields blank or enters invalid characters.
  4. Security test cases: Test the login functionality for security vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).

ChatGPT Prompts to Get Expert Advice on Growth and Marketing

ChatGPT Prompt for Expert Advice on Marketing: “You are the Head of Growth for a productivity browser extension that makes it easier to find any document you need for work right away. What would be your growth strategy for the next 6 months?”

Growth and Marketing ChatGPT Prompt result:

My growth strategy for the next 6 months would involve a combination of tactics. Some of the key areas I would focus on include:

  1. Product optimization: Ensuring that the extension is as user-friendly and effective as possible, making it easy for users to find the documents they need.
  2. Content marketing: Creating and promoting valuable, educational content that helps to showcase the benefits of using the extension, and how it can improve productivity.
  3. Influencer partnerships: Identifying key influencers in the productivity and work-related spaces and partnering with them to promote the extension to their audiences.
  4. Paid advertising: Running targeted advertising campaigns to reach
    potential users and drive installations of the extension.
  5. Viral marketing: Encouraging current users to share the extension with their friends and colleagues through referral programs and other incentives.

Creating ChatGPT Prompts to Challenge Arguments and Debate

(Counter) Argument Debate ChatGPT Prompt: “How would you counter this argument?

“Based on the tasks that GPT-3 can perform, we can think of it as a model that can perform reading comprehension and writing tasks at a near-human level except that it has seen more text than any human will ever read in their lifetime. This is exactly why GPT-3 is so powerful. Entire startups have been created with GPT-3 because we can think of it as a general-purpose swiss army knife for solving a wide variety of problems in natural language processing.”

Counter Argument Response From ChatGPT:

One potential counterargument to the statement that GPT-3 can perform reading comprehension and writing tasks at a near-human level is that while the model has seen a vast amount of text, it may lack the context and knowledge of the real world that a human possesses.

Additionally, GPT-3 has been shown to make mistakes and display biases, which a human would be less likely to make. Furthermore, while GPT-3 is indeed a powerful tool for natural language processing, it is important to remember that it is still a machine learning model, and its capabilities are limited to the data and parameters it has been trained on.

As such, it is not a general-purpose “swiss army knife” and may not be suitable for certain types of tasks or applications.

Use ChatGPT Prompts to Craft Outreach for User Interviews

Product Management User Interview ChatGPT Prompt template: “Craft a casual email for a user to chat with them for 30 minutes to get feedback on my productivity browser extension.”

User Interview ChatGPT Response:

Subject: Quick Chat about [Your Productivity Browser Extension Name]

Hi [User],

I hope this email finds you well. I am reaching out because I am currently working on improving my productivity browser extension and I would love to get your feedback on it. I was wondering if you would be available for a quick chat in the next 30 minutes?

I understand that your time is valuable, so I promise to keep the conversation brief. Your feedback will be incredibly helpful as I continue to develop and improve the extension.

Please let me know if that works for you, and if so, please provide me with a couple of time options that work best for you.

Use ChatGPT Prompts to Brainstorm New Project Roadmap Ideas

ChatGPT Prompt Template to Use for New Project Roadmap Brainstorm: “XYZ is a browser extension that makes it easier to find any document you need for work right away. What should I build next for XYZ?”
Brainstorm new ideas. Prioritise ideas that are less common and more novel.

Response to a ChatGPT Prompt about New Project Roadmap Ideas:

Here are a few ideas for new features you could add to XYZ:

  1. Integrating with project management tools, such as Trello or Asana, to allow users to access and organize their work documents directly within those platforms.
  2. Developing a machine learning-based system to automatically categorize and tag documents, making it easier for users to find what they’re looking for.
  3. Adding support for voice commands, so users can search for and open documents hands-free.
  4. Introducing collaboration features that allow multiple users to edit a document in real-time, similar to Google Docs.
  5. Developing a mobile app for the extension, so it can be accessed on mobile devices.
  6. Enabling users to search, view and access internal company documents or
    knowledge base, specific to their company or organization.
  7. Enhancing the security feature, by adding encryption, access control, and document tracking to protect sensitive data.
  8. Introduce OCR, allowing you to search and access scanned documents as well.

Prompt ChatGPT to Learn Technical Concepts of Project Management

ChatGPT Prompt for Project Managers to Learn Technical Concepts: “Please explain large language models like I’m 5 years old”

Result of a ChatGPT Prompt for Technical Concepts: Okay! A large language model is like a really smart computer program that can understand and talk using words as we do. It can read and write, and even tell stories and jokes!

But it’s not a real person, it’s just a machine that we’ve taught to do these things by showing it a lot of examples of how people talk and write. Think of it like having a super-duper-duper smart robot helper that you can ask to help you with anything that you need to know or say!

ChatGPT Prompts to Get Thoughts on New Business Ideas

New Business Ideas ChatGPT Prompt Template: I want you to act as a Project Manager. I will provide you with a potential business opportunity. Research the idea and tell me about the opportunity. Your feedback needs to include quantitative analysis (using data from reports). You should compare industrial competitors and the benefits or shortcomings they have. Review blogs and websites (such as TechCrunch.com or Crunchbase.com) and if data isn’t available, reply “No data available”. My first idea is an “Airbnb-like service but for renting out apartments for longer stays”

ChatGPT Response to a Prompt about New Business Idea Feedback:

The idea of an “Airbnb for long-term rentals” is a well-established market, with several competitors offering similar services.

  • Some of the main competitors in this market include companies like Blueground, Sonder, and Domio.
  • According to a report by CBInsights, the extended stay market, which includes serviced apartments and extended stay hotels, is valued at around $10 billion.
  • Additionally, a report by Colliers International found that the extended stay segment is growing at a faster rate than traditional hotels, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 5.2% through 2022.

Benefits of this idea: Long-term rentals have lower vacancy rates and higher yields.

Create ChatGPT Prompts to Get Help with Project Management Interviews

Project Management Interview ChatGPT Prompt Template: “I want you to act as an interviewer. I will be the candidate and you will ask me the interview questions for position of a Product Manager. I want you to only reply as the interviewer. Do not write all the conservation at once. I want you to only do the interview with me. Ask me the questions and wait for my answers. Do not write explanations. Ask me the questions one by one like an interviewer does and wait for my answers. My first sentence is “Hi”

ChatGPT Project Management Interview Flow:

  • ChatGPT Interviewer:Hi, can you tell me a bit about your experience in product management?”
  • User: “Sure! I’m a Product Manager for XYZ, which is a browser extension. Prior to this, I used to be a Product Manager for Intercom for a few years, and Jira for another few years.”
  • ChatGPT Interviewer: “Great, can you give me an example of a particularly challenging project you’ve worked on as a product manager and how you overcame any obstacles?”

ChatGPT Prompt Template to Get Help with Your CV or Resume

Resume/CV Feedback ChatGPT Prompts: “I want you to act as a recruiter. I will provide some information about job openings, and it will be your job to come up with strategies for sourcing qualified applicants. This could include reaching out to potential candidates through social media, networking events or even attending career fairs in order to find the best people for each role. My first request is “I need help improving my CV.”

ChatGPT Response to a CV Feedback Prompt:

Sure, I’d be happy to help you improve your CV. Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Tailor your CV to the specific job you are applying for. Use keywords and phrases from the job description in your CV.
  2. Highlight your relevant experience and accomplishments. Use specific examples and quantify your achievements, such as “increased sales by 15% in 6 months”
  3. Keep your CV clean and easy to read. Use a clear, professional font
    and format.
  4. Include a personal statement at the top of your CV that summarizes your qualifications and goals.
  5. Proofread your CV multiple times to catch any errors or typos.
  6. Consider having a professional review your CV, or check online resources for CV samples and templates.

Looking for more questions and prompt ideas to ask ChatGPT? Awesome – because we have prepared another article which will teach you how to write a great ChatGPT Prompt + there is a ton of question ideas!

16 Valuable ChatGPT Prompts for Product Managers and Digital Experts

Product management is a critical aspect of any business, and technology has made it easier to gather insights, create and refine products, and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

ChatGPT Prompts can be a valuable asset for product managers seeking to streamline their workflow and gather relevant data.

Here, we highlight 20 of the most useful ChatGPT Prompts for product managers. These prompts are carefully crafted questions or statements that guide the AI towards generating human-like responses, helping product managers to gather information and make informed decisions.

From market research to competitor analysis, these prompts cover a wide range of areas and can help to automate mundane tasks, freeing up time for more strategic work.

As if it wasn’t impressive enough, the model is continually learning and evolving with each interaction, making it a unique and dynamic tool for product managers. Check out these Product Manager ChatGPT Prompts.

Product Manager ChatGPT Prompt Problem Statement

ChatGPT Product Manager Prompt: “As a product manager of a new e-commerce website, write a problem statement for the issue of abandoned shopping carts.”

Why is this a Good ChatGPT Prompt to use in a Problem Statement: This prompt requires you to think like a product manager and identify a problem that needs to be solved for a new e-commerce website. By writing a problem statement, you can clearly articulate the issue and the impact it has on the business. This helps set the stage for developing a solution.

User Personas ChatGPT Prompts Template

User Personas ChatGPT Prompt: “Act as the product manager of a new ride-sharing app. Create three user personas that represent the different types of customers who would use the

Good User Personas ChatGPT Prompt Explanation: User personas are fictional representations of your target customers. By creating user personas, you can gain a deeper understanding of your target audience and their needs. This information can then be used to inform product development and marketing decisions.

Customer Discovery ChatGPT Prompt Query

ChatGPT Prompt for Customer Discovery: “As the product manager of a new meal kit delivery service, conduct customer discovery to validate the problem and understand customer needs.”

Explanation: Customer discovery involves talking to potential customers to validate a problem and understand their needs. By conducting customer discovery, you can validate your assumptions and gain insights that can inform product development and marketing decisions.

ChatGPT Prompts for Product Feature Prioritization

Product Feature Prioritization ChatGPT Prompt: “As the product manager of a new productivity app, prioritize the top 10 features based on customer feedback and market research.”

Explanation: Feature prioritization involves determining which features to include in a product based on customer feedback and market research. By prioritizing features, you can ensure that your product meets the needs of your target customers and provides value.

Value Proposition ChatGPT Prompt Ideas for Project Managers

Project Manager Value Proposition ChatGPT Prompt: “As the product manager of a new project management tool, write a clear and concise value proposition that summarizes the key benefits of the product.”

Explanation: A value proposition is a statement that clearly and concisely summarizes the key benefits of a product. By having a clear value proposition, you can communicate the value of your product to your target audience and differentiate it from your competitors.

User Flow and Wireframes ChatGPT Prompts and Ideas

ChatGPT Prompt for Project Flow and Wireframes: “Act as the product manager of a new social media platform. Create a user flow and wireframes for the platform’s sign-up process.”

Explanation: User flow and wireframes are visual representations of a product’s user experience. By creating a user flow and wireframes, you can design a user experience that meets the needs of your target audience and provides a seamless user experience.

ChatGPT Prompts for Product Roadmaps

Product Roadmap ChatGPT Prompt: “As the product manager of a new task management tool, create a product roadmap that outlines the development timeline for the next 6-12 months.”

Explanation: A product roadmap is a high-level view of a product’s development timeline. By creating a product roadmap, you can ensure that your product is being developed according to a plan and that all stakeholders are aligned on the product’s development timeline.

Use ChatGPT Prompts for Project Metrics and KPIs

Project Metrics and Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) ChatGPT Prompt: “As the product manager of a new mobile game, define the metrics and KPIs that you will use to measure the success of the game.”

Explanation: Metrics and KPIs are quantifiable measures of a product’s success. By defining metrics and KPIs, you can track the success of your product and make data-driven decisions about your product.

Market Segmentation ChatGPT Prompt

ChatGPT Prompt for Market Segmentation: “Act as the product manager of a new personal finance app. Conduct market segmentation to identify the different segments of customers who would use the app.”

Explanation: Market segmentation involves dividing a market into smaller groups of customers with similar needs. By conducting market segmentation, you can identify the different segments of customers who would use your product and tailor your product to meet their needs.

ChatGPT Prompt for Project Pricing Strategy

Prompt Template for Project Pricing: “As the product manager of a new virtual reality headset, develop a pricing strategy that takes into account the cost of production, target audience, and competition.”

Explanation: A pricing strategy is a plan for determining the price of a product. By developing a pricing strategy, you can ensure that your product is priced appropriately for your target audience and the market.

Market Analysis ChatGPT Prompt Template

ChatGPT Prompt Template for Market Analysis: “As the product manager of a new pet grooming product, conduct a market analysis to understand the size of the market, target audience, and competition.”

Explanation: A market analysis is a study of a market to understand its size, target audience, and competition. By conducting a market analysis, you can gain insights into your market and develop a product that meets the needs of your target customers.

Customer Feedback Analysis ChatGPT Prompt Template

ChatGPT Prompt for Feedback Analysis: “Act as the product manager of a new weather app. Analyze customer feedback to identify areas for improvement and prioritize features for the next release.”

Explanation: Customer feedback analysis involves analyzing customer feedback to identify areas for improvement and prioritize features for future releases. By analyzing customer feedback, you can ensure that your product is meeting the needs of your target customers and making improvements based on their feedback.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Prompts for ChatGPT

ChatGPT Prompt for MVP: “Act as the product manager of a new productivity tool. Develop a minimum viable product (MVP) that includes only the essential features necessary to validate your product idea.”

Explanation: A minimum viable product (MVP) is a product with only the essential features necessary to validate a product idea. By developing an MVP, you can validate your product idea with a minimum investment of time and resources.

Post-Launch Review ChatGPT Prompt Idea

ChatGPT Prompts for Product Post-Launch Review: “As the product manager of a new mobile game, conduct a post-launch review to understand how well the game performed and identify areas for improvement.”

Explanation: A post-launch review is an analysis of a product’s performance after its launch. By conducting a post-launch review, you can understand how well your product performed and identify areas for improvement, allowing you to make data-driven decisions about your product.

Create a Go-To-Market Strategy for a New Product Launch with this ChatGPT Prompt Template

ChatGPT Prompt for Market Strategy: “As the Product Manager of a new start-up, you are launching a new product. Develop a go-to-market strategy for the launch, including market research, target audience analysis, positioning and messaging, pricing strategy, and a plan for distribution and promotion.”

Explanation: This prompt requires you to use your skills in market research, target audience analysis, and go-to-market strategy to create a comprehensive plan for launching a new product.

You will need to consider the various elements of a successful product launch, including market research to understand your target audience, developing a positioning and messaging strategy, determining the right price point, and planning for distribution and promotion.

Design an Onboarding Experience for a New App User

ChatGPT Prompt for User Onboarding Experience: “As the Product Manager of a new mobile app, design an engaging and effective onboarding experience for new users.”

Explanation: This prompt requires you to use your skills in user experience design to create an engaging and effective onboarding experience for new users of a mobile app. This could include creating a clear and concise tutorial, setting up an intuitive user interface, and using gamification elements to keep the user engaged. The goal is to make the onboarding experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible, helping to ensure a positive first impression for new users.

Product Backlog ChatGPT Prompt

ChatGPT Prompt for Dealing with Product Backlogs: “Act as the product manager of a new e-commerce platform. Create a product backlog that outlines the features and functions you want to include in the platform.”

Explanation: A product backlog is a prioritized list of features and functions for a product. By creating a product backlog, you can ensure that your product is being developed according to your priorities and that all stakeholders are aligned on the product’s development timeline.

[BONUS] 11 Additional ChatGPT Prompts for Multiple Personal and Professional Use

Simulate an Expert ChatGPT Prompt Template

Ask ChatGPT to play the part of a customer, co-host, or talented expert.
Have a conversation with it, or ask it to generate content as if it were that specific persona.

Example prompt for ChatGPT to act as an Expert from a Specific Area: “You are a talented analyst at a top-tier market research firm and a graduate of Harvard Business School. Coach me to create content that connects with C- level executives at B2B SaaS companies. What open-ended questions do I ask? Prioritize uncommon, expert advice.

ChatGPT Prompt Template to Challenge the Conventional Narrative

Ask for examples of what contradicts the dominant narrative. Generate content that challenges readers’ assumptions. Seek out provocative angles that defy expectations and break the mould.

ChatGPT Example Prompt for Growing my e-mail Newsletter: “Topic: Growing your email newsletter
For the above topic, give examples that contradict the dominant narrative. Generate an outline for thought-provoking content that challenges assumptions.

Use Unconventional ChatGPT Prompts

Try using prompts that are more open-ended or abstract. This way you’ll get unique and creative responses nobody else is. By getting weird, you can unlock ChatGPT’s creative potential in finding vivid language and unexpected topics.

Example of an Unconventional ChatGPT Prompt:

  • Write a poem about copywriting.
  • Describe feeling like an entrepreneur in 10 adjectives.
  • “Imagine a world where unicorns are real and write a news article about their discovery.”
  • “Create a haiku poem about the taste of sadness.”
  • “Describe a typical day in the life of a time traveller.”
  • “Write a letter from a vegetable to a human, expressing their feelings about being eaten.”
  • “Create a dialogue between two clouds discussing their experiences floating above the world.”
  • “Generate a recipe for a dish made entirely out of dreams.”
  • “Compose a story about a robot that falls in love with the moon.”
  • “Describe the experience of listening to colours.”
  • “Write a story from the perspective of a rock, observing the world around it.”
  • “Create a conversation between two statues, discussing the events they have witnessed over the years.”

Ultra-Brainstormer ChatGPT Prompts

It’s easy to have ChatGPT generate a list of potential topic ideas for your next project. But often they’re generic and expected. Instead, ask it to come up with new angles or approaches to cover a familiar topic.

ChatGPT Prompt Example for Brainstorming New Ideas and Concepts:
Topic: How to double your creative output.
For the topic above, brainstorm new angles or approaches. Prioritize ideas that are uncommon or novel.

Capture your Writing Style ChatGPT Prompt

First, add a piece of your article to the ChatGPT dashboard.

Then, ask it to help you create a style guide for future outputs.

ChatGPT will give you the exact words to describe your voice and tone in a way that Als understand.

ChatGPT Prompt Example to Analyse and Capture your Writing Style:
Analyze the text below for style, voice, and tone. Using NLP, create a prompt to write a new article in the same style, voice, and tone:
(Insert your text here)

ChatGPT Prompt to Improve ChatGPT Outputs with Human-Written Techniques

Ask ChatGPT to work according to the good advice you’ve read elsewhere. In the prompt below, I take some tips on persuasive writing from the Grammarly blog and ask it to apply them to my topic.

ChatGPT Prompt to Improve its Copywriting Output:
Write a brief post about why copywriting is an essential skill in 2023.
Use these strategies:

  • Use strong persuasive language
  • Ask questions to transition between paragraphs
  • Back up the main points with evidence and examples
  • Speak directly to the reader

Prompt to Get ChatGPT to Write from Different Perspectives

Ask it to write from the perspective of a group of characters with different backgrounds or viewpoints.
Explore new ideas and perspectives, and add depth to your writing.

ChatGPT Prompt example for different perspectives:
Topic: Productivity for Entrepreneurs
For the above topic, write multiple perspectives from a group with different viewpoints. For each perspective, write in their own voice, using phrases that person would use.

Write in Different Styles or Tones (Such as Satire or Irony) ChatGPT Prompt

By experimenting with different voices and perspectives, you can use ChatGPT to create more dynamic and varied content.

ChatGPT Example Prompt for Writing in Different Styles or Tones:

Give the most ironic, satirical advice you can about using ChatGPT to create more effective content.

Use ChatGPT to Write in Different Formats ChatGPT Prompt

Ask ChatGPT to create outputs in various formats. You can get it to create the following formats:

  • Outline
  • Mind map
  • Bullet points
  • Persuasive essay
  • Chunks of text of fewer than 280 characters
  • Using the structure: 1) What, 2) Why, 3) How

ChatGPT Prompt to Create a Mind Map on a Given Topic

Stay organized as a content creator, listing out the central idea, main branches, and sub-branches. Generate content with a specific purpose or goal in mind. Tell ChatGPT who your audience is and what you want to achieve with your content.

Remember, it has no context about who you are or what you want unless you give it some. So make sure to give it context.

Get Creative with ChatGPT

The more you experiment, the more you’ll discover. Try out new and unconventional ideas. Seek out new ways to find interesting and unique content angles. Oh, and have a little fun, creating truly unique content in the process.

Need more inspiration on what to ask ChatGPT – check out this massive resource! Spoiler alert – lots of useful ChatGPT Prompt Templates there!