Join ChatGPT Plus Version Waitlist (ChatGPT Plus is now Available!)

The ChatGPT Plus version is coming out soon globally – already live for US users! It will most likely be released before ChatGPT-4 globally too. You can join the ChatGPT Plus waitlist version by following a link further down in the article.

While waiting on your ChatGPT access, check out this leak – Microsoft Bing Chat GPT integration. We got the dashboard images – ChatGPT did some predictive analysis. This was the result.

Earlier in January 2023, Open AI Staff released information about the upcoming ChatGPT Plus edition. Greg Brockman – Open AI Chat GPT co-founder and President, has created a project where he aims to find out how much of a cost a regular ChatGPT user is willing to pay, in order to get access to ChatGPT Plus, a Professional paid version.

chatgpt plus dashboard
ChatGPT Plus dashboard

UPDATE: ChatGPT Plus is going to cost $20 dollars per month. Released to US users only for now.

Introducing ChatGPT Plus: The New (Paid) Way to Chat with Open AI chatbot

OpenAI, the creators of the popular conversational AI model, ChatGPT, have just launched a new subscription plan called ChatGPT Plus. This new offering is aimed at delivering a premium experience to its users, who will receive access to ChatGPT even during peak times, faster response times, and priority access to new features and improvements.

For just $20 a month, ChatGPT Plus subscribers will have access to a more personalized experience with the AI model. This subscription plan is currently only available in the United States, but OpenAI plans to expand access and support to additional countries and regions in the near future.

OpenAI launched ChatGPT as a research preview in order to gather feedback and learn more about the system’s strengths and weaknesses.

chatgpt is most highly valued generative AI company in the world

The research preview has been a huge success, attracting millions of users and receiving valuable feedback. This has enabled the company to make several important updates and improvements to the AI model, which has found applications in a wide range of professional use cases, from content creation to programming help and learning new topics.

In the future, OpenAI plans to refine and expand the ChatGPT Plus offering based on customer feedback and needs. The company is also planning to launch the ChatGPT API waitlist and explore options for lower-cost plans, business plans, and data packs for more availability.

Free access to ChatGPT will continue to be available for all users, and the subscription plan will help support its availability to as many people as possible.

ChatGPT Plus is the new way to chat with AI, delivering a premium experience to users who are looking for a more personalized and efficient conversational experience.

ChatGPT Free vs ChatGPT Plus

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way, and the latest proof of that is the launch of ChatGPT Plus, a new subscription plan for ChatGPT.

ChatGPT has been known for its advanced language model that enables seamless human-like conversations. The new ChatGPT plus subscription plan aims to enhance the user experience even further by providing additional features and benefits.

ChatGPT Plus offers faster response times, availability even during high-demand periods, and priority access to new features. The developers have also added the option to cancel the subscription at any time, making the plan more flexible.

The ChatGPT subscription fees are non-refundable, but users can opt out of data sharing to improve model performance by filling out a form.

The free version of ChatGPT will continue to be available, and the introduction of ChatGPT Plus will support its sustainability. With the subscription plan, the developers hope to reach a wider audience, providing the benefits of AI technology to as many people as possible.

Receipts for credit purchases made through ChatGPT Plus can be found in the email address used to make the purchase, and users can view invoices from their account’s sidebar. At this time, the only payment option is via credit card.

When it comes to sensitive data, ChatGPT Plus has measures in place to ensure its safety. As part of the company’s commitment to responsible AI, they may review conversations to improve their systems and make sure the content complies with their policies and safety requirements. For more information, users can refer to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

The launch of ChatGPT Plus is a significant milestone in the evolution of AI technology, offering users a more personalized and advanced experience. The developers have already started rolling out the paid subscriptions, starting with the United States, and the rest of the world can sign up for the waitlist.

With its cutting-edge features and its commitment to user privacy and security, ChatGPT Plus is set to revolutionize the way we communicate.

ChatGPT Plus Subscription Benefits and Features

When you subscribe to ChatGPT, you get access to quite a few benefits, compared to a regular freemium ChatGPT user.

ChatGPT Plus comes with the following package:

  1. Increased API Request Limits:
    You can make more API requests per minute, allowing you to integrate the model into your application or website more efficiently.
  2. Improved Response Quality:
    ChatGPT PLUS provides you with higher quality and more accurate responses, thanks to its advanced training on a larger corpus of text data.
  3. Customizable Model:
    You can fine-tune the model to your specific needs and preferences by providing it with additional training data.
  4. Priority Support:
    You will receive priority support from the OpenAl team, ensuring that any questions or concerns you have are addressed promptly.
  5. Access to More Languages:
    You have access to a wider range of languages, including less commonly supported languages, allowing you to use the model for a wider range of applications.
    These are some of the ways in which you can utilize ChatGPT PLUS compared to regular ChatGPT.

How did it Come to ChatGPT Plus Version – Open AI Research into ChatGPT Plus Pricing Model

It started with Greg Brockman, OpenAI’s President & Co-founder stating in his Tweet:

“Working on a professional version of ChatGPT; will offer higher limits & faster performance. If interested, please join our waitlist here

Greg Brockman, OpenAI’s President & Co-founder
Chatgpt plus waitlist version inputs

Similar to Open AI Chat GPT’s popularity, Greg Brockman’s Tweet instantly received millions of likes and views.

What is the ChatGPT Plus Edition going to Look Like?

Without disclosing too much information, the ChatGPT Plus version will be built around several questions which Brockman released in their questionnaire to all ChatGPT users.

Questions that the Open AI team asked their users before releasing Chat GPT plus are listed below.

Open AI Chat GPT Plus version Pricing Model Questions for Users

The ChatGPT Plus Paid version form starts with a preface:

“ChatGPT Plus (experimental) is geared towards professional use with:

  • Always available (no blackout windows)
  • Fast responses from ChatGPT (i.e. no throttling)
  • As many messages as you need (at least 2X the regular daily limit)”

The Open AI team continues describing how will the paying users be selected. It does feel like they aim to limit the ChatGPT use to paying users only.

If you are selected, the Open AI team will reach out to you to set up a payment process and a pilot for ChatGPT Plus paid version.

The Open AI team said to keep in mind that this is an early experimental program that is subject to change, and they are not making paid plus access generally available at this time.

To figure out what ChatGPT Freemium users want, they asked everyone the following questions through their Google Form.

  1. What’s your email address (same as your OpenAI account)
  2. What’s your country of residence?
  3. How do you use ChatGPT? (Personal use, Professional use or Both)
  4. Please describe the most valuable thing you would use ChatGPT Plus for?
  5. At what price ($ per month) would you consider the ChatGPT Plus version to be so expensive that you would not consider buying it?
  6. At what price ($ per month) would you consider the ChatGPT Plus version to be priced so low that you would feel the quality couldn’t be very good?
  7. At what price ($ per month) would you consider the ChatGPT Plus edition starting to get expensive, so that it is not out of the question, but you would have to give some thought to buying it?
  8. At what price ($ per month) would you consider the ChatGPT Plus version to be a bargain—a great buy for the money?
  9. Reach out to me when paid access becomes available – Yes/No?
  10. Are you interested in deploying ChatGPT in your organization? If yes, please share the name of your organization.
  11. How upset would you be if you could no longer use ChatGPT? (1 – 5)
ChatGPT pro paid version questionnaire part 1

Interpreting the questions, it does seem like the Open AI Chat GPT team is a bit lost on how should price of the ChatGPT Plus version. What is worrying to a regular user is the potential for ChatGPT to become completely unavailable to freemium users.

ChatGPT pro paid version questionnaire part 2

Meaning, the AI benefits this ChatBot brings could soon be paywalled and be available only for paying users.

ChatGPT pro paid version questionnaire part 3

What do you think? Would you keep using the ChatGPT Plus version, if it goes behind the paywall?

ChatGPT pro paid version questionnaire part 4

In the meantime, learn more about the upcoming release of ChatGPT-4. An upcoming REVOLUTION in the world of AI ChatBots.